Sexual Harassment: A Problem in the Workplace

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Sexual Harassment: A Problem in the Workplace

The workplace can be a dangerous place, and sometimes, the danger is not always about workplace accidents, but about hostile work environments. A workplace can be considered hostile if an employee is abused or discriminated. Most of the time, the abuse and discrimination involve age, gender, and even race.
But one factor is often overlooked – sex. Sexual harassment may come in many forms, such as the following:

  • Asking questions that are both too personal and sexual
  • Commenting sexually on a person’s body or clothing
  • Excessive touching
  • Making sexual gestures, such as whistling
  • Sharing materials that are sexual in nature, such as nude photos and pornographic videos
  • Talking to another person with sexual intentions and suggestions

One or two instances of the above actions may be unintentional, but multiple instances may make the environment hostile and may have effects on employees.

Effects on Employees

The most affected employees are the sexually harassed. Their productivity may suffer because they start being conscious of their body, and they may think about past, present, and future harassments too much that they will not be able to work. If the situation is bad enough, they may even intentionally avoid work, and this usually comes in the form of calling in sick.
According to the website of Cary Kane, LLP, those who have been victims of sexual harassment in the workplace may have legal options. This is justifiable, because after all, their employment and financial standing may be at risk here, not to mention their physical and mental health.
Sexual harassment can have an emotional and psychological toll on victims, such as anger, anxiety, depression, fear, feeling of vulnerability, and loss of self-worth. These problems may result into behaviors that may be detrimental to physical health, such as over or under eating, sleeping, or working, and on the worst cases, even suicide.

Responsibility of Employers

Essentially, employers have employees so they can operate their business, but this doesn’t mean that their employees are just pawns. They are people with rights, and one of these rights is to have a work environment that is not just safe, but also conducive for productivity. Employers should enforce rules and regulations to ensure that their employees are not compromised in any way.

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