Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse

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Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are meant to be a place of trusted care for elderly loved ones. These organizations aim to provide elderly individuals help with medical needs and daily tasks that other family members often cannot manage on their own. However, these environments are also associated with a history of abuse and neglect, due to the power imbalance between caretakers and residents. Elderly individuals are one of the groups most at risk for abuse because they are often unable to care for themselves. Unfortunately, much of the time, these abuses are not reported until after they have been occurring for an extended period of time. This was the case in a residential care facility near Vinita, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma new source, News On 6, reported on the closure of the Branding Brook Independent Living center, in January 2017. The center’s owner, Robyn McKinney opted to close the facility, after she was charged with over 15 different counts, most for caretaker abuse and one for assault and battery. McKinney owned and operated this facility for physically and mentally impaired elderly and was allowed to continue her abusive behavior for a significant amount of time. None of the residents or their family members had reported the previous abuses, but the incidents were finally brought to light after she attacked and bit a resident. These physical marks of abuse were unavoidably obvious, and another individual called police officers to make a report. All residents of this facility have been placed with other assisted living centers, and their personal and medical records are no longer in McKinney’s possession. Additionally, McKinney is facing felony charges for her repeated abuse of these residents.

Abuse of any kind is absolutely unacceptable, but the abuse of the elderly feels even more despicable. These individuals require the assistance of others after they have lived good and long lives. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, yet some people view this as an opportunity to exploit weakness. Over the last decade, the U.S. has become more aware of the many cases of nursing home abuse, but it is a difficult problem to end. Many of these cases are not reported, and even when they are, they are often not taken seriously, or the consequences of these actions are lenient at best and nonexistent at worst. Thankfully, Robyn McKinney is facing justice for her actions, but there are many other abusive caretakers who do not face the same treatment.

The families affected by McKinney’s despicable actions are likely feeling frustrated and angry at this situation, but they have the right to fight back. With the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, these families can file a lawsuit and receive compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial losses caused by this nursing facility. Anyone who has faced nursing home abuse needs to understand their rights, and how they can end their own abuse and abuses across the country.

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