Drunk Driving Campaigns

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If you’ve been anywhere on planet earth where there’s traffic, you’ve almost certainly seen a drunk driving campaign. Each one has its own way; some try and make you feel bad for the innocent people involved, others try and make you horrified at the results, some just try and be cheeky and fun about passing the keys off to your sober friend. Even our Corpus Christi Personal Injury Attorneys push these campaigns on their websites. We’ve seen so many of these things and seen so many drunk drivers anyway; it’s a tough issue to tackle.

All of us tolerate alcohol a little differently and feel it in different ways. Some of us proudly proclaim that they’re very able drunk drivers, while others know they’re not up to par after a drink and quickly pass off driving duties. The issue isn’t really with the second group of people, it’s with the first. Sure, some people can totally get behind the wheel after drinking some and drive just fine and actually be quite safe too, but it’s those same people who think they can still do it after drinking a little too much one night, and then it goes haywire. My good buddy was exactly one of those people.

After a party one night, I got to lay off designated driver duties because my friend was the one who got blasted the night before and I drove us home. Tonight was his turn, and he was a hefty dude who could have a single drink and some water at the beginning of the party and drive safely at the end. That night, however, he decided to have one at the beginning, then another one at the beginning and then a couple in the middle and then who knows how many more after that. At the end of the party, he was still very much in control of his behavior, but he was very uncoordinated. I – being quite drunk myself – couldn’t particularly tell the difference, especially not enough to insist he not be the one to drive. His drunkenness was unknown to me until it was too late.

My buddy was driving fine, with only one little mistake near the beginning of the ride home. He was reacting fine to everything, saw all the road signs, stopped at the lights and everything. Once we’d gotten on the highway, it was pretty much a line drive to get home. He was cruising in the left lane without much traffic around us, until someone starting passing him up from the right side. He got startled and veered off to the left, completely slamming the car into the divider and putting the whole car out of commission.

Luckily, the ending of this story isn’t as dark as a lot of the drunk driving ads we see. We both made it out alive, each had a couple broken ribs, and his left arm was broken, and nobody else was injured. The angle to this story is only slightly different from what we normally see. More often than not, drunk driving isn’t someone who’s swerving all over the road and barely able to see straight, it’s someone whose senses have all been dumbed down just enough to still be in control, but miss one thing and cause a huge mess for everyone. If you think you have a high tolerance for alcohol, you need to check yourself twice as hard as others and be well aware there are others out there who think the same thing and pose just as much of a threat to you as you do to them.

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